Introducing the Data Layer of the Internet
The Datawallet API is the first hub for developers building AI driven applications centered around personal data. It allows developers to access the highest quality data offered by our users on the Datawallet exchange. Our RESTful API provides a developer-friendly abstraction layer above the smart-contract exchange that allows AI engineers, data scientist, and ML developers to do what they do best: build innovative data products and bring to life the next generation of the internet.
What is the Datawallet API?
With our RESTful Data API we provide scientist, engineers, and developers in our ecosystem coherent, reliable, and persistent endpoints to build the next generation of data-driven applications. Through our experience as data scientists and product developers, we have divined a high-level taxonomy that allows data consumers to search and access information intuitively — starting from high-level categories and smoothly branching into more granular endpoints. Overlapping information from different sources are automatically collated, while still providing service-specific access for interested consumers. Access through the API provides continuous availability and persistent endpoints. Developers will not need to keep track of what a particular data source calls a particular datum at a particular time and worry about the inevitable breaking source API update.
Unlocking the Next Generation of the Internet
The Datawallet API empowers developers to build application on top of the most powerful data in the market. It empowers users to unlock the true value of their data without ever having to compromise their data sovereignty and privacy. The Datawallet API allows companies to build their own data exchange on our in-app marketplace. Users of the Datawallet app can opt in to companies’ data exchanges and help power their application with the richest and most accurate cross-platform data available in the market. Companies can then source the permissioned data into their own applications to power their algorithms and provide a new generation of services. The Datawallet API brings to live products and services that so far have remained unattainable. From building fairer credit solutions by leveraging opt-in psychographic data for loan underwriting, to harnessing verified purchase and interest data for a permission-based advertising ecosystem, or sharing medical data with hospitals solely for the timeframe of ad-hoc treatments: the possibilities.